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Trio of Herbs seedling cards

Sale price$11.00

Experience the joy of nurturing these easy-to-grow herbs, making it both a charming greeting card and a delightful gift for your loved ones.

Plant the seeds in spring or summer, simply scatter them, cover with a thin layer of soil in a sunny spot, and maintain moisture until germination occurs.

Each card boasts original artwork by Daniella Germain and includes a packet of mixed seeds, a tear-away biodegradable plant label and sowing instructions.

Our products are crafted to foster a deeper connection with nature, allowing one to revel in life’s simple pleasures.

Cultivate a love for gardening and share the gift of greenery with a Trio of Herb Gift of Seeds.

• Greeting card and gift combined
• Recycled envelope, seeds and plant label included
• Great gift for posting (requires two postage stamps)
• Australian made
• Plastic free
• 100% recycled and recyclable

Varieties: Basil: Genovese, Ocimum basilicum, Parsley: Italian, Petroselinium hortense, Coriander: Coriandum sativum

Trio of Herbs seedling cards
Trio of Herbs seedling cards Sale price$11.00